I was born in ThunderBay and spent a lot of my childhood in the Near North.


School was in southern Ontario and I had an early marriage to a very nice man.

We had a beautiful son.


We spent several years living and working in Montreal in what promised to be a lovely life.

Then I got very sick and things started to go very badly for me..

I went away from my kind  husband and my beautiful son. I was afraid that I would cause them too much pain like our family experienced because of my mother's sickness. I did not know what else to do.


I spent a long time as an addict and became clean  and sober with a lot of help from my family.


After I was clean and sober for many years and had moved back to the north with my partner Charlie.


I was able to reunite with my wonderful son and his beautiful family. He has the full, rich life I had hoped he would find. 

We never know how life will go so today I do my best to enjoy it as it comes. Some days are easier than  others.

Lately some health issues have made life a bit more demanding but this is what we were told to expect by our elders.

Enjoy today is my only real plan now.  Well, that and be kind.


The rest of it is just an illusion.