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will be held on
November 23rd
starting at 9am!
If you'd like to be emailed when the Store is open for business and for a Seasonal (QuarterlyNewsletter) please fill out the form below.  I do not share information nor will I send more that the 5 Newsletters I have listed above,
Please contact me if you would like to order Custom Creations.
DEADLINE for Custom Designs for
Fur Hats, Mittens and Jewellery is
November 23rd at the Christmas Event!
EMAIL LittleBearCrafts@gmail.com

Pick Your Kits

The Little Bear Store will be launched this week. Sign up for the newsletter if you'd like to know about Events.

Watch for the Little Bear Birthday Circles advertising information. Once my health returns I hope to bring fun, treats and education to parties from Earlton to Temagami. I will provide descriptions of the basic party plans based on ages, interests and time frames. I am excited to see the parents who were part of our circles almost twenty years ago!   


I will be using only natural supplies because of my own allergies to the 21st Century. I will be helping to celebrate the birthdays of the children who's parents had birthday parties with me twenty years ago! Wow.


Fur Hats, Fur Headbands, Gauntlet Mitts, Dreamcatchers, Bracelets (Beads, Delicas and Quills), Medicine Pouches, Pendant Jewellery, and my children's vests and other leather things made of black or white or Traditionally tanned hides.

I am still doing a few WEBSITES and teaching owners how to keep up the Online Presence most retailers need in this competitive world. I will continue to do a few of the things I love as my hands and health allow.

I have learned SO much from people over the last couple of years and I am putting the lessons to work in my life today.  In other words I will be having FUN.

Thanks to all my teachers and keep your stick on the ice.


Little Bear Furs
Custom Fur hats  and headbands are still available.  I have trapper through this site.  Watch here for

Little Bear's

Crafting Circles