The New Normal

Our hearts go out to  everyone  reading this since the pandemic affects us all personally.  We also feel for those of us who have been unable to find work. and to our civil service for keeping Canada going as best as is what is now the worst case

scenario for humans 

and many other living things


It is my hope that we will be wiser and more grateful for our friends, families, our lifestyles  We have enough time, right now, for

research and reflection about

how we treat living things.

I have had to change my plans dramatically and will be getting the site going in time for Valentines' Day.

Tlhis is the year for great guy gifts as I offer suggestions or show images to help our men get that perfect gift for us.


I thank my customers and friends for their encouragement and support of

our various projects

over the last

20 years!


The Little Bear Craft Store

will be launched next year so please sign up for the newsletter and take a look here from time to time.

or you can sign up for our occasional email.


My launch is scheduled for Valentines' Day 2021.

Watch for the Little Bear Birthday Circles advertising the return of our wonderfuL craftingl parties. They are especially important as we learn how to live in the New Normal.

Fur Hats, Fur Headbands, Gauntlet Mitts, Dreamcatchers, Bracelets (Beads, Delicas and Quills), Medicine Pouches, Pendant Jewellery, and my children's vests and other leather things made of black or white or Traditionally tanned hides are being finished up.  I have arranged a few bricks and mortar locations for our Craft Kits 

I am still doing a few WEBSITES and teaching owners how to keep up the Online Presence most retailers need in this competitive world. 

I have learned SO much from people over the last couple of years and I am putting the lessons to work immediately.

Many thanks to all my teachers. 


Making Healing Bracelets
Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.20.36

Pick Your Kits

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Little Bear Furs
are still available for Christmas gifts at warm & wonderful
Custom Fur hats  and headbands are still available. 
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